Name: Integration Related Measures in Mucenieki

Abbreviation: Integration Mucenieki

Project number: LV-LOCALDEV-0007

Programme: European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation" programme

Partners: Ropaži Municipality (Latvia) and The Municipality of Elverum (Norway)

Project goal: To strengthen integration activities in Mucenieki and the related Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers, promoting multicultural dialogue and closer cooperation between the municipality's communities by providing sports and leisure facilities.

 Activities planned under the project: In order to promote interaction between asylum seekers and the local community, the project will reconstruct the Mucenieki Stadium, which will be one of the main meeting places for the target groups, organising health promotion, sports and cultural activities. In order to ensure effective involvement of asylum seekers in the local community and to build the capacity of the municipality, training and experience-gaining missions to Latvia and Norway will take place in cooperation with the Municipality of Elverum, which is a partner of Ropaži Municipality within the project. In cooperation with the Municipality of Elverum, experts in the fields of health, sport and culture will be brought in with the aim of gaining knowledge and best practices for the integration of asylum seekers in the local community. In order to successfully involve the target groups in the activities, the project will involve the Day Centre "Mucenieki" and the Accommodation Centre for Asylum Seekers.

The project will include health promotion, sports and cultural activities involving both asylum seekers and the local community. Two Health Day events will take place as part of the health promotion activities. Sports activities include exercise for general health, Zumba for physical health, yoga for young people and adults, football for children and adults, two orienteering events, a day camp for children and young people, and two Sports Day events. The programme of health and sports activities is mainly concentrated in Mucenieki - indoors and outdoors, using the reconstructed stadium area as a meeting platform. As part of the cultural activities, asylum seekers will have the opportunity to celebrate traditional festivities by taking part in the Summer Solstice celebration, the Easter event, as well as learning about cultural history by taking part in Heritage Days. Cultural activities are concentrated in Ropaži to gain a broader perspective and get to know other villages in the municipality.

The target groups of the project are asylum seekers and the local community.

Expected project results:

  • 1 sports field in Mucenieki is reconstructed.
  • Gained knowledge and adopted good practices for engaging asylum seekers in the local community.
  • 14 health promotion, sports and cultural events organised.
  • A good practice guide is created for the integration of asylum seekers into the local community.
  • The project activities involved 5000 participants.

Project implementation time: 01.10.2021 - 30.04.2024

Total project funding: EUR 750 000,00 (100% co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism)

Project Manager: Līga Mekša, tel. 25483904, liga.meksa@ropazi.lv

The project is part of the Local Development, Poverty Alleviation and Cultural Cooperation programme, co-funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants.

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